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Decorate with Cake Stencils

Bakers use many tools to for cake decorating. Cake stencils are a readily available tool. You can find almost any type of shape, including letters, animals and plants, sports, common shapes such as triangles and squares and holiday shapes. The most commonly found shapes are for special occasions such as birthdays. You can also find almost any size to handle different types of projects, including tools for round, square and rectangular cakes.

The Cake Lady, Frances Kuyper, can help you work with all of these and more in her DVD "Cakecrafting." Her book titled "Stencil-A-Cake" gives step-by-step instructions on how to complete the look of any confection. The book starts from the beginning with basic icing methods and goes on to describe five different stencil techniques. She shows you the magnificent new look you can easily create for every special event just by adding a couple of tools to your kitchen's arsenal. Other handy pieces of equipment to have are cake icing couplers and tips. Read more about this tool below.

Cake Icing Couplers and Tips

Small tools can be just as important to decorating cakes as electric appliances. Cake icing couplers and tips are examples of tools that, while small, can be just as important to cake-making as ovens. Usually made out of plastic and metal, these simple implements make the job of icing cakes easier. You start with a tube or a bag of frosting. Then place the coupler over the metal tip of the bag. Now everything can be held in place. The coupler makes it possible to connect different sizes and styles of tips to any icing bag. The tip determines the shape and size of the frosting bed that you make. The Cake Lady demonstrates these techniques, how to decorate with cake stencils, and much more in her DVD collection.

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